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Tony and Eileen at Table in Mumbai

The Beginning

The infamous Combi Van

Tony and I began our global adventures in our twenties.

 Like many boomers, we were the quintessential backpackers hitchhiking around Europe in the days before mobile phones and internet, only contactable by post restante ha ha

We met as backpackers forty years ago in a little town in Bavaria.

So began our married life, the Aussie and the Irishman, working and travelling our way around the world, swapping our backpacks for a VW Combi van as our family grew.

Expat Life

Fortunately Tony’s career in hospitality afforded our family the opportunity to live,work and travel in many different countries as expats.

Our daughter Claire in Mumbai

Despite the upheaval of many moves, fiercely resented in their teenage years, our son and daughter also developed a taste for travel.

With a truly global outlook fashioned in their youth, our children are now expats. Our son is a hotelier based in Australia with his wife and son and our daughter is a makeup artist based in India.

Our son Evan, daughter in law Shirley and grandson Jayden.


We have lived and worked as expats in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia- with the last ten years in China.

These experiences have allowed us to not only appreciate the more obvious “ must see and do” in destinations but also to savour and appreciate the various local delights which give greater depth and flavour to each destination.

We have been able to take the time to dig a little deeper into many destinations and uncover the more local recommendations that might otherwise be missed.

Our Travel Style

As boomers, we aren’t about extreme sports or travelling to do crazy stuff, but  journeying in comfort (we ditched the backpacks and Combi van).

We like to take the  time to join a cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam or indulge in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok,Thailand. To walk the Great Wall in China, relax in a hammam in Istanbul, Turkey or just sit in a cafe in Paris,watching the world go by. 

Boomers like ourselves still travel in huge numbers. They too have ditched the backpacks and Combi vans to travel more comfortably and more wisely.

We’ve deliberately slowed down, not because we are old codgers, but to take a little more time to journey. We  seek to experience a sense of place through the food, the architecture and culture of our chosen destinations.

Tony and I are delighted to share with you our ”insider” information, inspiration and examples.

Our goal is to help plan your travels more effectively and empower you to get up, get out and see the world.

Tony on the Great Wall

Now you know more about us, enjoy looking around the site to find out even more about where we’ve been and what we share!

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