Got more time to travel and want authentic, fulfilling experiences?

      As boomer expats we-

  •  share unique sights, shopping and dining experiences in global destinations.
  •  show you how to mindfully connect through travel to diverse cultures, people and places.
  • help plan your next trip like a travel pro. Simply sign up now for your free printable “Plan Better. Stress Less" pre-travel  checklist 

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January 27

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January 27

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Meet the Team

Welcome to

A travel resource run by Eileen (moi), and my husband Tony (Mr T), to provide specialist information for boomers seeking affordable-luxury, bespoke travel experiences.

Life Changing.

Travel has not only changed our lives as a couple but also the lives of our family and friends, so we believe that if you are open to possibilities, travel can change your life too.

As boomers, we  know that travel makes you healthier, happier, and more productive.

So now you have the time, the desire and the expendable income to travel, the world is yours to explore in a meaningful way.


Our Purpose.

We write for boomers who enjoy getting off the beaten path (a little) even in a well known destination.

Through our content we hope to help and inspire boomers wanting an insider’s perspective on where to find artisanal products, local tours, boutique hotels and inns.

We’ll be sharing information and practical advice about planning, packing, relaxing, eating, shopping and navigating the ever-changing world of travel. 

Our Experience

With over forty years of global expat experience, we are considered experts in the art of boomer travel.

With this in mind, we created our site as a vehicle to share with you the less obvious, more authentic travel experiences.